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Top 20 Sites

The top 20 sites based on "page hits" from the U.S. EPA's WWW server for November as of Mon November 09 2015.

Page hits exclude all images and include files of the following types:

pdf, txt, exe, wp, wpd, doc, html, shtml, asp, cfm, php, pl, jsp, zip.

  1. Welcome to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (page hits: 49640)(total hits: 211368)
  2. Region 1 Home Page (page hits: 32879)(total hits: 140540)
  3. Region 7 Web Site (page hits: 14946)(total hits: 69635)
  4. Region 2 Home Page (page hits: 9379)(total hits: 40126)
  5. Superfund (page hits: 6161)(total hits: 31210)
  6. Region 6 Home Page (page hits: 3356)(total hits: 16507)
  7. Office of GroundWater & Drinking Water (page hits: 3269)(total hits: 16012)
  8. OAR - The Web version of the TTN Bulletin Board (page hits: 3100)(total hits: 19807)
  9. US EPA Envirofacts Warehouse (page hits: 2437)(total hits: 9377)
  10. nerlesd1 (page hits: 1546)(total hits: 8911)
  11. oaqps001 (page hits: 1492)(total hits: 7418)
  12. Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Information Management Division (page hits: 973)(total hits: 4488)
  13. Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) (page hits: 853)(total hits: 1844)
  14. US EPA Office of Air and Radiation (page hits: 757)(total hits: 10631)
  15. radon001 (page hits: 745)(total hits: 4014)
  16. heasdweb (page hits: 603)(total hits: 3170)
  17. US EPA Ecosystems Research Division (page hits: 463)(total hits: 2356)
  18. Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (page hits: 369)(total hits: 2099)
  19. US EPA INFOTERRA/USA Directories (page hits: 334)(total hits: 1964)
  20. Office of Water - American Indian Environmental Office (page hits: 261)(total hits: 1440)

Total Pages (www.epa.gov): 6,692,366
Total Hits (www.epa.gov): 20,988,438

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