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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

EPA builds all web content in the Drupal WebCMS as of January 2013. All new microsites and resource directories will be created using Drupal WebCMS. There is still content on EPA's legacy servers and this content will be maintained there until it is transformed and moved into the Drupal WebCMS. This information on styles and look and feel only applies to the existing content using Template 4 or older versions of EPA's template. Information for building new content is found in the EPA Web Guide.

Did you know? EPA has a mobile web site at m.epa.gov.

EPA Mobile Website

A mobile website is optimized for viewing with mobile browsers, like those found on mobile phones. EPA's mobile website, m.epa.gov, serves as the public gateway to our mobile content. Most modern smart phone browsers that access the EPA homepage will be redirected to the mobile website (visitors can always reach the EPA website by clicking on "Full Site" at the bottom of all mobile pages). There is also a link to the mobile website in the footer of the EPA template, as well as the top of EPA's home page.

Our mobile website provides visitors with access to content and mobile applications (apps) that have particular relevance in the mobile-context. File size is another factor. Due to mobile bandwidth and platform limitations, it is important that all content for the mobile website be concise and use the EPA mobile template.

For this reason, careful consideration is given to all material that is posted to the site.

For us to maintain a uniform mobile Web presence, Web content coordinators should not publish mobile websites outside of m.epa.gov. If you are interesting in publishing content to m.epa.gov, please contact Sam Bronson (bronson.samuel@epa.gov) or Mike Hessling (hessling.michael@epa.gov).

For help with your epa.gov web design, contact the Web Template Workgroup.

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