To navigate through the module, you can use the left panel. On this panel, there are two tabs: the TOPIC MENU tab and the STEP-BY-STEP tab.

The TOPIC MENU tab contains links to this introduction, the Interactive Demonstration, questions covered by the Step-by-Step Tutorials, a glossary of terms, and additional resources.

The STEP-BY-STEP tab contains the instructions for answering each question in the Step-by-Step Tutorials. At the top of this tab, there are two buttons: PREVIOUS and NEXT. The PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons can be used to navigate between questions; clicking PREVIOUS brings you to the instructions for the preceding question, and clicking NEXT brings you to the instructions for the following question.

The Step-by-Step Tutorials are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. Using a lower screen resolution may require you to scroll to see the entire screen.

Minimize button You can hide the left navigation panel by clicking the Hide Navigation Panel at the top right of the navigation panel. This will allow you to view more of the main screen.
Maximize button Click the Show Navigation Panel to re-display the panel.