The Explorer allows you to explore TRI data by following five simple steps:

Step 1. Choose Report Type by selecting one of the three report types or the State Fact Sheets. By default, the Release Report tab is selected - other Report Types can be selected by clicking on the desired Report Tab located on the horizontal blue line below the EPA logo.

Step 2. Choose a Report Grouping (output type) by selecting one of the six grouping types. Select one of the report groups by clicking on one of the six options located in the column on the far left of the screen. Select one of the following: Chemical, Facility, Federal Facility, Trends, Geography, or Industry. If you want a map instead of a table, select Dynamic under Map.

Step 3. Choose the Report Criteria to specify geographic location, chemical, industry, and year. (Please note that available report criteria depend on the specific report grouping chosen).

Step 4. Choose the Report Columns to include in the generated report.

Step 5. Click on the Generate Report button. Once the output page has been generated, the report can be sorted by clicking on the arrows below the column headings (e.g., fugitive air emissions, total on- and off-site disposal or other releases, etc.). The report can also be printed or downloaded to a file for further manipulation (see download all records button at bottom of report).

Note: These steps need not be followed in this order, and some steps are not required.

For more detailed help click here or select Reports.