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MyProperty's results come from EPA's Facility Registry Service (FRS) which contains information on millions of facilities or sites of interest to EPA. FRS integrates databases like Envirofacts and Cleanups in My Community into one search engine. A complete inventory of the databases can be found on the List of Systems page. The property search on the MyProperty home page searches address data from facilities integrated from over 80 EPA and State databases.

Geography Search Option

When searching using an address, please enter a complete Street Address as well as a City and State or Zip Code.

Street Address

When using the Geography search, entering a street name is mandatory. For best results, enter the address number as well as the base name of the street. MyProperty will accept variations in addresses, in the above example "NW" can be denoted as both "North West", "Northwest", and "NW" while "Ave" can be denoted as "Ave", "Avenue", or "Ave." Please note that the house number can be composed of both numeric and alphabetic characters such as "221B".

When entering an intersection address, use " and " to separate the two street names. For example, "15th St NW and Pennsylvania Ave". All entries containing the base name will be returned.

City, State, ZIP Code

As a minimum, enter in a city in combination with a two-character state postal abbreviation, or a zip code. A list of the postal abbreviations and the state names is provided below. The ZIP Code entry can be five digits plus extension, or fewer. If you enter the zip code you do not have to enter the city and state.

Geospatial Search Option

Coordinates can be entered for a point by entering in Latitude and Longitude in Decimal Degrees format or by selecting the "Use My Location" button. Please note that the "Use My Location" button is intended for use with mobile devices or with modern browsers. Using the "Use My Location" from a desktop PC will return coordinates based on approximated location of your IP address; the coordinates provided based on your IP address are not within EPA control. The Geospatial Search Option cannot be used simultaneously with the Geography Search Option.

Search Results

Your search results will be returned based on the address, or geospatial coordinates provided. If any Environmental Interests are identified near the selected location, they will be displayed on the map as well as in the table below the map. A description at the top of the page will indicate the distance of the closest environmental interest to the provided search location.

Clicking on facilities on the map will bring you to the Key EPA Facility/Site Reports. This page provides links to pages where you can gain additional information about the facilities that are near the provided search location.

ECHO Report EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) report shows the current and past compliance history for facilities that have a Waste Water Discharge Permit, Air Discharge Permit, Hazardous Waste Permit, or Safe Drinking Water Permit.
CIMC Report EPA's Cleanups in My Community (CIMC) profiles show site clean up status and progress for Superfund National Priority List (NPL), Brownfields, and RCRA Corrective Action Sites.
TRI Report EPA's Community Right To Know, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) report shows current and historical toxic chemical releases and transfers.
FRS Report EPA's Facility Registry System (FRS) Facility Report provides a detailed list of known EPA and State Environmental Interests.

On the Search Results page, you can zoom in or out on the map to expand (+) or constrain (-) the search area. You can also recenter the search by clicking and dragging your mouse. The map and table will refresh based on the new selected zoom level and current selected coordinate.

In the map, you can change the basemap by selecting the Basemap icon image button or make the legend display by clicking the legend icon image button.

Browser Compatibility

MyProperty is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers. It will not work correctly with browser versions that have not been updated in over 3 years such as versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer prior to version 10. It requires javascript to be turned on.

State Codes

AK = Alaska AL = Alabama AR = Arkansas
AS = American Samoa AZ = Arizona CA = California
CN = Canada CO = Colorado CT = Connecticut
DC = District of Columbia DE = Delaware FC = Other Foreign Countries
FL = Florida FM = Federated States of Micronesia GA = Georgia
GU = Guam HI = Hawaii IA = Iowa
ID = Idaho IL = Illinois IN = Indiana
IQ = Misc. U.S. Pacific Islands IT = All Indian Tribes KS = Kansas
KY = Kentucky LA = Louisiana MA = Massachusetts
MD = Maryland ME = Maine MH = Marshall Island
MI = Michigan MN = Minnesota MO = Missouri
MP = Northern Mariana Islands MQ = Midway Island MS = Mississippi
MT = Montana NC = North Carolina ND = North Dakota
NE = Nebraska NH = New Hampshire NJ = New Jersey
NM = New Mexico NV = Nevada NY = New York
OH = Ohio OK = Oklahoma OR = Oregon
PA = Pennsylvania PR = Puerto Rico PW = Palau, Republic of
RI = Rhode Island SC = South Carolina SD = South Dakota
TN = Tennessee TX = Texas UT = Utah
VA = Virginia VI = Virgin Islands VT = Vermont
WA = Washington WI = Wisconsin WQ = Wake Island
WV = West Virginia WY = Wyoming



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