C. Have releases of a chemical to the air, land, and water in my ZIP code increased or decreased since year 2001?
  1. Click the Go To New Report button.
  2. Under Reports, select Trends.
  3. Under Geographic Location, click the down arrow and then select Enter a ZIP Code. A ZIP Code box will appear.
  4. Enter your ZIP code into the ZIP Code box.
  5. Under Chemical Released, select a chemical of interest.
  6. Under Report columns to include, uncheck all boxes except those next to Air, Water, and Land.
  7. Click on the Generate Report button.
  8. TRI Explorer will display a report in the form of a table. The table lists total reported releases for facilities in your ZIP code for every year since 2001.
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  9. Click the green graph button in a column header to view trends graphically.
  10. Press your browser’s Back button to return to your report.
  11. Scroll to the bottom of your report, click Download, and save the report to your computer.
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