Downloading TRI Explorer Reports

You can download TRI Explorer Reports to your computer as comma separated values (CSV) files.   These files may be viewed and manipulated with common spreadsheet and statistics software.   

To download a TRI Explorer Report to your computer:

1. Generate a report in TRI Explorer.

2. Scroll down until you see the Download button.

3. Click the Download button.


4. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to save the CSV file.

5. Click Save to save the report to your computer.


6. A Save As pop-up will appear. 

7. Select the folder where you would like to save the report and press Save.


8. When the file is finished downloading, a pop-up will appear.

9. Click Open to view the report.


10. The file will then open in the default program for CSV files on your computer. In many cases, this will be Microsoft Excel. When you open the file, you should see the information provided by in the report from TRI Explorer.


11. If you would like to further manipulate the data in this report using Excel, save the file with a .xls extention:

12. In Excel, click File > Save As…


13. A Save As pop-up will appear. 

14. Under Save as type:, select the file type with the .xls extension for the most recent version of Excel on your computer.  

15. Press Save.

save as

16. You can now use the file like a typical Excel workbook.

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