Sample TRI Explorer screenWelcome to the TRI Explorer Online Learning Module. This module is designed to teach you how to use the TRI Explorer to answer environmental questions. You can use the TRI Explorer to access data reported to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and identify facilities and chemical disposal or other release patterns that warrant further study and analysis. Combined with hazard and exposure information, the TRI Explorer can be a valuable tool for risk identification. This Online Learning Module is intended for all users of the TRI Explorer including environmental groups, researchers, concerned citizens, members of industry, and government officials.

This module is divided into two parts:

1) An Interactive Demonstration which will introduce you to all of the functionalities of the TRI Explorer. This demonstration is meant for users who are unfamiliar with the TRI Explorer’s interface.

2) Step-by-Step Tutorials which provide you with detailed instructions to answer specific questions, and a live copy of TRI Explorer so you can run the queries yourself. These tutorials are intended for data users who are comfortable using the TRI Explorer interface.