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TRI Explorer

Data Set

Choice of Data Set

The TRI Explorer provides access to three sets of data. Specific datasets available at any given time is dependent on an annual data cycle. Options may include:

  1. National Analysis dataset (formerly called Public Data Release (PDR)). This is an annual baseline dataset which includes the initial complete dataset for the latest reporting year (RY) plus any revisions or submissions for prior years.
  2. Data updates that are made available after annual baseline. The data updates will include revisions/withdrawals that have been submitted by facilities since the baseline data release.
  3. Preliminary datasets (starting with RY 2009) contain data submitted and processed by EPA for reports due July 1 of the current year. These datasets do not contain all submissions for the RY. Updates will be made to the preliminary datasets as EPA processes additional submissions. These datasets will only be available from a special edition of TRI Explorer and will only be available for several months prior to the release of the National Analysis dataset.


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