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Preliminary 2009 Dataset Facility Report

The report which will be created is based on a preliminary dataset and should not be used without understanding the limitations of the dataset.

Only Facility Reports are available for the current preliminary dataset. Click "Standard Facility Report" button below for prior reporting years and additional report options.

Differences, Limitations, and Uses of Preliminary DatasetComments/Feedback

Hints for First-time users Assumptions used in the analysis
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Facility Help on Facility Reports
Federal Facility


Year of Data Help on this criterion

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Data Set Click for help on this criterion
The default is the preliminary dataset 3 (released to the public in August 2010)
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Number of Form Rs
Number of Form As (starting 1995)
Total On-site Disposal or Other Releases
On-Site Disposal to Class I Wells, RCRA Subtitle C Landfills, and Other On-Site Landfills
Other On-Site Disposal or Other Releases
Total Off-site Disposal or Other Releases
Off-Site Disposal to Underground Injection Wells, RCRA Subtitle C Landfills, and Other Landfills
Other Off-Site Disposal or Other Releases
Total On-and Off-site Disposal or Other Releases

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