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TRI Pollution Prevention (P2) Search

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Use the TRI Pollution Prevention Search to learn how facilities have reduced releases of toxic chemicals to the environment and compare how different facilities have managed their toxic chemical waste. You can run two types of searches:

1. Click "Show P2 Activities" to view reported P2 activities and associated reductions in toxic chemical quantities.

2. Click "Display Comparison" to visually compare facilities or parent companies' waste management practices and trends.

After clicking a search button and viewing results, you can also get for any individual facility that matches your search criteria. If you already have a specific facility in mind, you can access P2 information for that facility directly using the .

To learn more about P2 and the preferred methods for managing chemical waste, visit the Pollution Prevention Overview.

Need help? The offers step-by-step instructions on all the features of the P2 Search.

Search Criteria

    Show P2 info for facilities Show P2 info for parent companies

    Select one or more Industry Sector(s): All Industry Sectors is the default selection. Refine the search by selecting one or more 3-4 digit and/or six digit NAICS codes. Click 'i' for more info.

    Select one or more Chemical(s) or Chemical Group(s) ll Chemicals is the default selection. Refine the search by selecting one or more individual chemicals or a group of chemicals. Click 'i' for more info.:

    Select one or more Year(s): Select one or more years or use the default selection, which includes all years for which P2 text entries are available. Click 'i' for more info.

    Select one or more State(s): Click 'i' for more info.
Enter a ZIP Code or City Name: Click 'i' for more info.

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