Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data Explorer

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Emissions by Economic Sector *

Emissions by Inventory Sector

Emissions by Gas

Emissions from the Agriculture Sector

Emissions from the Commercial Sector *

Emissions from Electricity Generation

Emissions from the Industrial Sector *

Emissions from the Residential Sector

Emissions from the Transportation Sector *

Emissions from Agricultural Activities

Emissions from Energy Production and Use

Emissions from Industrial Processes

Emissions from Land Use, Land-Use Change, Forestry

Emissions from Waste Management

Emissions of Carbon Dioxide by Inventory Sector

Emissions of Fluorinated Gases by Inventory Sector

Emissions of Methane by Inventory Sector

Emissions of Nitrous Oxide by Inventory Sector

* There was a change in methods between 2014 and 2015 for estimating the share of gasoline used in the transportation, industrial, and commercial sectors, creating a break in the time series. See the Energy chapter of the Inventory Report for more information.

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