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Longitudinal Dispersivity
Estimated Longitudinal Dispersivity
Gelhar tabulation of longitudinal dispersion data.

Tabulated data of longitudinal dispersivity versus scale (i.e., plume length) plotted with estimation formulas: "1/10" plume length (straight line) and the Xu and Eckstein formula (curve). Approximate upper and lower limits of data given below with results.

Xu and Eckstein (1995) formula
ax= 0.83[ log10(Lp) ]2.414
ax = longitudinal dispersivity estimate
Lp = Plume Length (Lpis in meters)
Site Name

Input Parameters
Plume Length Lp

Dispersivity Results
(one-tenth plume length)
Estimates from the Gelhar Data Tabulation:
Approx. Lower Limit (Xu and Eckstein formula) Approx. Upper Limit

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