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Vapor Phase Partitioning

How about partitioning to the vapor phase? We know that MTBE is a volatile compound and even though it has one of the highest solubilities of the primary gasoline components, it still has a relatively low solubility in water. The Henry's Law constant of a compound defines the partitioning of that compound between the air and water phases.
Henrys Law equation: air phase concentration is equal to the henrys law coefficient times the water phase concentration
where Kh is the dimensionless henry's constant, Cw and Ca are the concentration in mass per volume units in water and air, respectively. The value of Kh will give us an indication if the compound "prefers" to stay in the water or in the air.

Calculator icon Lets use the Henry's Law Calculator to estimate the Henry's Constant for MTBE, benzene, and xylene.

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