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Retardation Factor

Really raises a red flag From the calculator, the retardation factors for benzene would be
Organic Carbon and Retardation
foc R
0.0001 1.04
0.001 1.4
0.01 5.09

The retardation factors vary from 1.04 with foc of 0.0001 to 5.09 with foc of 0.01 (a higher value than you were asked to investigate). The foc value of 0.01 represents 1% organic carbon in the aquifer, a very high value.

Calculator icon What foc is needed to get a retardation factor of 10 for benzene? Again use the retardation factor calculator.

It's possible, although unlikely, that 10 was a correct retardation factor for the site. The report, however, provided no documentation for this parameter. Thus it's not known how the value used in the report was determined.

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