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Suggestion icon The effective solubility calculator has been modified to account for estimated temperature dependence of solubility. The original calculator data are still available for use.

Temperature-Dependent Effective Solubility Calculator  
Effective Solubility Cw = xo S

Cw = Effective solubility
xo = mole fraction (of chemical in fuel)
S = solubility

Mole Fraction xo = MFx MWo / MWx

MFx = mass fraction of selected chemical in fuel
MWo = average molecular weight of fuel
est. 105 g/mole for gasoline
est. 165 g/mole for Jet fuel
est. 230 g/mole for diesel fuel
MWX = molecular weight of selected chemical

Background and Data on temperature dependence and Temperature values used in the calculator: Note the discrepancies among published data sets by checking the background data.
Temperatures of shallow ground water in the U.S
Fahrenheit to Centigrade converter
Site Name
Molecular Weight  
Desired Temperature oC  
Solubility (S) mg/L
Example Fuel
Average Molecular Weight of Fuel (MWo)  
Percent Mass Fraction  
Effective Solubility (Cw) mg/L
Fuel composition note:
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