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Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

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The Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model

Tabular input data from C:\hssm150\testm.hdt

Run Identification

Run Title Benzene transport from a 1500 gallon release
Site Name x
NAPL Name MTBE-Gasoline
Chemical Name MTBE
Run Date 1999 Mar 29 - 19:24:6
User Name Jim Weaver
Company Name U.S. EPA

Aquifer Parameters

Aquifer conductivity 10 ft/d Measured MEG p-test average
Aquifer porosity 0.3 * Literature Literature value
Aquifer thickness 50 ft Literature Average from McClymonds & Franke
Gradient 0.001 ft/ft Measured Grosser WT Map
Fraction organic carbon 0.001 * Database HSSM Database value
Flow Angle 0 deg Measured Angle of flow
Longitudinal dispersivity 17.92799 ft Formula Xu and Eckstien Formula
Transverse dispersivity 1.792799 ft Formula Xu and Eckstien Formula
Vertical dispersivity 0.1792799 ft Formula Xu and Eckstien Formula

Vadose Zone--soil type: B-Sand

Vadose conductivity 10 ft/d Measured 1/10th MEG p-test
Vadose Porosity 0.3 * Literature Value obtained from the literature
Recharge rate 10 in/yr Literature Value obtained from the literature
Depth to water 15 ft Measured Field measurement
Smear zone thickness 3 ft Measured Measured value
Capillary Parameters
Lambda 0.573 * Database HSSM database value
Air Entry Head 35.5 cm Database HSSM database value
Residual water saturation 0.048 * Database HSSM database value

NAPL Phase: MTBE-Gasoline

Gasoline density 0.88 g/ml Database HSSM database value
Gasoline viscosity 0.45 cP Database HSSM database value
Gasoline surface tension 35 dyne/cm Database HSSM database value
Vadose residual saturation 0.05 * Database Database value
Aquifer residual saturation 0.15 * Database Database value
NAPL lens saturation 0.3 * Formula Calculated from NTHICK

Contaminant: MTBE

Contaminant mass fraction 0.14 * Database HSSM Database value
NAPL/water partition coefficient 15 * Database HSSM Database value
Organic carbon partition coefficient 11 * Database HSSM Database value
Half life 700 days Nearby From a similar site


Source area 200 ft^2 Estimate Estimate of source radius
X Coordinate of source 0 ft Measured Tank pit location
Y coordinate of source 0 ft Measured Tank pit location
NAPL Release
NAPL volume 1500 gal User User value

Color Legend

User Database Formula Estimate
Measured Calibrated Literature Nearby Site

Default/HSSM output units

Length feet
Volume gallons
Flux ft/d
Time dates
Hydraulic Conductivity ft/d
Recharge in/yr
Concentration mg/L
This unit set was used as the default unit set for creating the HSSM version 1.50 input data set. The units used for any of the above parameters may have been changed, however, to any allowable unit (indicated on data entry screens). The default units continue to be used by HSSM for the model output.

Input Narrative Model Results

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March 30,1999 13:14:19
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