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Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

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Taking the Course

The course will be available free-of-charge to anyone with Internet access. No registration is required and the materials can be used at any time.

Two Options

Two options are offered for the first time through the course:

Independent Study
Use the materials as your time permits. Contact with the instructors is encouraged via email. Each module has been assigned a number of hours of credit for reference purposes. When the model quiz has been completed with at least a score of 85%, a completion certificate can be created and printed. EPA does not save any information about course attendees so be sure to print your certificate for your records.

Take the Formal Course
We may offer scheduled courses in the future, but now only have the independent study option.

For either approach a completion certificate is awarded for completing the course.

Visitors are always welcome to return to visit modules or topics for review and refreshment.


Each module of the course can contain the following topics

In many cases the "beginning," "intermediate," and "advanced" names are changed, and not all modules have each. When appropriate to cleanly divide the material these divisions are used.

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