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Flow Calibration in BASINS

Preliminary NPSM Parameter Settings

    Reach Editor:
  • Use the "Add/Remove Reaches" or "Setup Reach Network" buttons to confirm reach structure.
  • Change down stream reach length, delta h, and elevation to match measurements taken in the delineated watershed if needed with the "Reach Characteristics" button.
  • If absolutely necessary, change F-Table. See BASINS Technical Note 1.
    Meteorological Data:
  • Choose "Add..." to identify the most appropriate WDM station in terms of proximity and altitude.
  • If necessary, check box labeled "Write this station to PLTGEN file" for later analysis of weather data (displayed in postprocessor under "Weather Station"). Upon running the model, a separate file will be created and located in "BASINS\modelout\project-name" directory.
  • Provide at least a two year warm-up period prior to the study period so that the steady state variables can reach dynamic equilibrium.
    Landuse Editor:
  • Understanding the nature of the watershed is essential for deciding what HSPF parameters might be causing discrepancies in the observed and simulated flows. For this reason, it is important to note the major pervious and impervious land uses in the project and edit the land uses to duplicate the real watershed condition.
  • Also if major changes in land use have occurred in the study period after the data were obtained, then it may be necessary to edit those changes.
    Default Data Assignment:
  • Load "Starter.def" file. These default parameter values for flow were developed for a watershed in Georgia. They are a good starting point for calibration of a watershed.
  • Use the "Autoload" button to automatically assign for each landuse name in the watershed to the landuse name in the default data file. Landuse that do not match can be manually assigned.
  • Do not assign pollutants for the initial calibration.
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