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Kane Exp. Forest (KEF112)

Site Photos
Site Information
Site ID KEF112
Site name Kane Exp. Forest
County Elk
State abbreviation PA
AQS ID 420479991
Latitude; decimal degrees 41.598119
Longitude; decimal degrees -78.767866
Elevation; m 618
Operating agency EPA
Start date 12/19/1988
Primary Land Use Forest
Terrain surrounding site Rolling
Distance to nearest NTN site; km .047
Co-located NADP/AMoN Site ID PA29
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Graphical Results
Composition of total nitrogen deposition by species
Trends in total nitrogen deposition
Trends in wet and dry nitrogen deposition
Composition of total sulfur deposition by species
Trends in total sulfur deposition
Trends in wet and dry sulfur deposition
Trend in maximum 8-hour average ozone concentrations
Trend in 3-year average of ozone W126 index
Site History
OZONE : Ozone dryer installed 14-NOV-17
SIGMA_THETA : Sensor unwired. 04-NOV-15
WIND_DIRECTION : Sensor unwired. 04-NOV-15
WINDSPEED_SCALAR : Sensor unwired. 04-NOV-15
TEMP2 : Sensor unwired. 04-NOV-15
TEMPERATURE : 9m temperature measurement with passive aspiration installed. 04-NOV-15
WINDSPEED : Sensor unwired. 04-NOV-15
RELATIVE_HUMIDITY : Sensor unwired. 04-NOV-15
SHELTER_TEMPERATURE : A/C and Heat logger control installed. 04-NOV-15
TEMP2 : Sensor unwired. 17-NOV-14
OZONE : ZSP order changed to SPZ. 15-MAY-14
OZONE : Foam insulation added to sample line. 15-MAY-14
OZONE : Knock-out bottle removed. 15-MAY-14
OZONE : 10 ft. exhaust tubing added to both analyzers. 09-MAY-12
OZONE : Replacement pressure transducer installed in site analyzer. 09-MAY-12
OZONE : 40CFR Part 58 ozone site installed using independent site transfer standard. 26-MAY-11
OZONE : Ozone tubing changed from 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch. 26-MAY-11
OZONE : Ozone sample line filter removed from inside the shelter. 26-MAY-11
DATALOGGER : CR3000 datalogger installed. Wiring standardized. 18-NOV-08

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