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Fuel Economy and Environment Labels

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  • www.fueleconomy.gov This web site is jointly sponsored by EPA and the Department of Energy (DOE). It contains fuel economy information for consumers, including EPA fuel economy data, and the annual Fuel Economy Guide. At this site, you can find fuel economy information for a particular vehicle or you can perform side-by-side comparisons of vehicles.  In addition, the website contains a new interactive tool that will allow drivers to enter their zip code and estimate the greenhouse gas emissions from charging and driving a plug-in hybrid or all-electric car where they live.

  • Green Vehicle Guide This is EPA's online consumer guide for air pollution and fuel economy for cars and light trucks. At this site you can view emissions and fuel economy information for specific vehicle models, or download the data of all vehicles. It is designed to help consumers find the cleanest and most fuel efficient vehicle that meets their needs.

  • Fuel Economy This EPA website provides information on the regulations related to the agency's fuel economy test methods and the data that have been collected. The test data are used to determine the estimates posted on the fuel economy and environment labels and to calculate a manufacturer's corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) at EPA's National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. The website also provides fuel economy tips, information on the Gas Guzzler Tax, as well as reports on vehicle fuel economy, technology, and CO2 emissions trends.

  • Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards This website provides the EPA and NHTSA joint rule establishing a national program that will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy for new cars and trucks sold in the United States.

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