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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Applicability Tool for 2014 and Beyond

For which reporting year do you want to assess applicability for your facility?

Note. The source categories on which the applicability assessment depends can vary by year. You have an ongoing responsibility each year to assess applicability.

(For GHG report due March 31, 2011.)

Applicability Prior to Reporting Year 2014
Starting in RY2014, applicability for RY2014 and after is based on different global warming potential values (GWPs) than were previously in effect. Facilities required to assess their applicability for years 2010 through 2013 must use the GWPs that were in effect during those years. This tool uses the correct GWPs for each year. To assess applicability for years before 2014, select the following link:
Go to Archive Version of the Applicability Tool

If your facility is subject to the rule prior to 2014, the updated GWP values must be used to estimate emissions in your 2013 report, which is submitted in March 2014. Previous GWP values must be used for all 2010-2012 reports.

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