Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

Subpart AA—Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

§98.270 Definition of Source Category

(a) The pulp and paper manufacturing source category consists of facilities that produce market pulp (i.e., stand-alone pulp facilities), manufacture pulp and paper (i.e., integrated facilities), produce paper products from purchased pulp, produce secondary fiber from recycled paper, convert paper into paperboard products (e.g., containers), or operate coating and laminating processes.

(b) The emission units for which GHG emissions must be reported are listed in paragraphs (b)(1) through (b)(5) of this section:
(1) Chemical recovery furnaces at kraft and soda mills (including recovery furnaces that burn spent pulping liquor produced by both the kraft and semichemical process).
(2) Chemical recovery combustion units at sulfite facilities.
(3) Chemical recovery combustion units at stand-alone semichemical facilities.
(4) Pulp mill lime kilns at kraft and soda facilities.
(5) Systems for adding makeup chemicals (CaCO3, Na2CO3) in the chemical recovery areas of chemical pulp mills.