Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate

Subpart U—Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate

§98.210 Definition of the source category.

(a) This source category includes any equipment that uses carbonates listed in Table U-1 in manufacturing processes that emit carbon dioxide. Table U-1 includes the following carbonates: limestone, dolomite, ankerite, magnesite, siderite, rhodochrosite, or sodium carbonate. Facilities are considered to emit CO2 if they consume at least 2,000 tons per year of carbonates heated to a temperature sufficient to allow the calcination reaction to occur.

(b) This source category does not include equipment that uses carbonates or carbonate containing minerals that are consumed in the production of cement, glass, ferroalloys, iron and steel, lead, lime, phosphoric acid, pulp and paper, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide, or zinc.

(c) This source category does not include carbonates used in sorbent technology used to control emissions from stationary fuel combustion equipment. Emissions from carbonates used in sorbent technology are reported under 40 CFR 98, subpart C (Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources).