Lime Manufacturing

Subpart S—Lime Manufacturing

§98.190 Definition of the source category.

(a) Lime manufacturing plants (LMPs) engage in the manufacture of a lime product (e.g., calcium oxide, highcalcium quicklime, calcium hydroxide, hydrated lime, dolomitic quicklime, dolomitic hydrate, or other lime products) by calcination of limestone, dolomite, shells or other calcareous substances as defined in 40 CFR 63.7081(a)(1).

(b) This source category includes all LMPs unless the LMP is located at a kraft pulp mill, soda pulp mill, sulfite pulp mill, or only processes sludge containing calcium carbonate from water softening processes. The lime manufacturing source category consists of marketed and non-marketed lime manufacturing facilities.

(c) Lime kilns at pulp and paper manufacturing facilities must report emissions under subpart AA of this part (Pulp and Paper Manufacturing).