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CADDIS Volume 2: Sources, Stressors & Responses


Ways to Measure Insecticides

Methods for measuring insecticides can be found in EPA 40 CFR 141.24 or via the listing: Analytical Methods Approved for Drinking Water Compliance Monitoring of Organic Contaminants, as well as the National Environmental Methods Index Exit EPA Disclaimer. Methods used for the analysis of insecticides normally encompass a multitude of organic analytes which can be analyzed using the same method (e.g., EPA Method 1699, used for the determination of selected organochlorine, organo-phosphorus, triazine, and pyrethroid insecticides in multi-media environmental samples by HRGC/HRMS). Insecticides may be concentrated from water and pulses of insecticides from applications or spills may be captured by using semi-permeable membrane devices Exit EPA Disclaimer

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