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CADDIS Volume 1: Stressor Identification

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Analogous Stressors Causal Pathway Evidence of Exposure Lab Test of Site Media Manipulation of Exposure Manipulation at Other Sites Mechanistically Plausible Cause Spatial/Temporal Co-occurrence Stressor-Response from Simulation Models Stressor-Response from Lab Stressor-Response from Other Field Studies Stressor-Response from the Case Symptoms Temporal Sequence Verified Predictions

CADDIS provides a pragmatic guide for determining the causes of detrimental changes and undesirable biological conditions observed in aquatic systems.

In this volume, we present a five-step process for conducting a causal assessment at a particular site:

This causal assessment process is derived from the Stressor Identification Guidance Document, published jointly by the Office of Water and the Office of Research and Development of the U.S. EPA. The basic approach remains the same, but several changes have been made to make the process more accessible.

This volume also contains additional materials supporting the SI process. Users new to SI may want to read through the Step-by-Step Guide Introduction. More experienced users may wish to jump directly pages on specific types of evidence (listed in the Quick Finder). Users interested in the historial and philosophical underpinnings of causal assessment may wish to review the Causal Assessment Background section.

Introduction Step 1: Define the Case Step 2: Candidate Causes Step 3: Data from the Case Step 4: Data from Elsewhere Step 5: Identify Probable Causes Causal Assessment Background

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