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CADDIS Volume 4: Data Analysis

Predicting Environmental Conditions from Biological Observations (PECBO) Appendix

Topics in Using Existing Taxon-Environment Relationships

Download Files and Set Up R

  1. Confirm that you have a working copy of R on your computer.

  2. Set up a new workspace.

  3. Launch R.

  4. Install the library of R scripts by typing at the R prompt:


  5. Load the inference library into your current session of R by typing at the R prompt:


  6. Load a set of taxon-environment relationships.

    • When this module was last updated, taxon-environment relationships were only available for stream temperature and sediment, based on data from the western United States. Relationships for other environmental factors and other geographic regions will be added to the library in the future.

    • Load the taxon-environment relationships by typing at the R prompt:


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