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CADDIS Volume 4: Data Analysis

Predicting Environmental Conditions from Biological Observations (PECBO) Appendix

Topics in Introduction

Module Organization

This module is designed for biologists and ecologists interested in analyzing biological data to infer environmental conditions at a site. This module describes different methods for computing biological inferences. Statistical scripts that perform some of the computations described in this module are available for download. Sample data are also available for testing the scripts.

Throughout this module a working knowledge of stream ecology and statistics is assumed.

This module is organized into five major sections:

  1. Introduction:
    This section provides definitions and some of the theoretical foundations of tolerance values.
  2. Using Existing Taxon-Environment Relationships:
    This section provides a step-by-step guide for using existing taxon-environment relationships provided in CADDIS for inferring environmental conditions from biological observations.
  3. Estimating Taxon-Environment Relationships:
    This section describes different methods for estimating taxon-environment relationships from your local data.
  4. Computing Inferences:
    This section describes different methods for using taxon-environment relationships to infer environmental conditions at a site from biological observations.
  5. R-scripts:
    This section provides statistical scripts for performing some of the computations described in this module.

Each section can be accessed directly by clicking on the tabs at the top of each page. Particular topics within a given section can be accessed by selecting from the menu on the upper right side of each page. The Next and Previous links at the bottom of each page provide sequential navigation through pages within a section.

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