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CADDIS Volume 3: Examples & Applications

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Assemble Data from Case Assemble Data from Elsewhere Causal Pathway Consistency of Evidence Define the Case Evidence of Exposure or Mechanism Explanation of Evidence Identify Probable Cause List Candidate Causes Mechanistically Plausible Cause Spatial Co-occurrence with Regional Reference Sites Stressor-Response from Field Stressor-Response from Lab Summary of Scores from Case Summary of Scores from Elsewhere Verified Prediction with PECBO Verified Prediction with Traits

This volume provides examples that illustrate different aspects of a causal analysis.

  • The Analytical Examples section provides examples illustrating the use of different data analyses to inform particular types of evidence. If you are interested in seeing how data analysis techniques can be applied in causal assessment, start with this section.
  • The Worksheets section provides examples from the Little Scioto River in Ohio, one of the first Stressor Identification-based causal analyses conducted. These examples are presented as "worksheets" that one might complete as one conducts a causal analysis, so this section is a good place to start if you are planning on conducting a complete causal assessment.
  • The Case Studies section provides brief summaries of completed causal assessments, as well as links to full case study reports. If you are interested in seeing how others have conducted causal assessments, start with this section.
  • The State & Other Regulatory Examples section describes how different states have incorporated causal analysis and stressor identification (SI) in their water quality programs. If you are interested in seeing who is using the SI process and how they are using it, start with this section.
  • The Galleries section provides examples of relationships that have been observed between common stressors and biological responses. If you are interested in viewing or downloading example stressor-response figures, start with this section.
Analytical Examples Worksheets: Little Scioto Case Studies State Examples Galleries

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