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CADDIS Volume 4: Data Analysis

Predicting Environmental Conditions from Biological Observations (PECBO) Appendix


This section provides short scripts (i.e., programs) that perform the simpler statistical analyses described in this module. R, a free software package for statistical computations, is used for these examples.

This section progresses sequentially through different scripts for computing and applying taxon-environment relationships. If you wish to run the scripts provided here, you should first visit the R web page Exit EPA Disclaimer and install R on your computer. Note: if you use S-Plus, many of these scripts also will work in S-Plus. However, some minor differences in command format between the two programs may cause unpredictable behavior.

Alternatively, you can directly access different scripts by using the right navigation menu.

All R scripts described in the R Primer can be downloaded as text files and directly "sourced" in R; the sample data used to demonstrate the scripts also are available (download R scripts and sample data).

More complex scripts are provided in the R library bio.infer.

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