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CADDIS Volume 4: Data Analysis

Download Software

This section provides access to tools that you can download and use to analyze your data. Three tools currently are available:

  • Tool 1: CADStat. CADStat is a menu-driven package of several data visualization and statistical methods, based on JGR (a Java Graphical User Interface to R).
  • Tool 2: Species Sensitivity Distribution (SSD) Generator. The SSD Generator is a Microsoft Excel template that allows you to calculate and plot the proportion of species affected at different levels of exposure in laboratory toxicity tests.
  • Tool 3: R Command Line Tutorial. On this page, you can download R scripts (i.e., programs) and sample data to walk through a primer on R, a free statistical software package. Background material and R scripts for predicting environmental conditions from biological observations also are available in a separate section.

The tools you select depend on the methods you need and your comfort level with programming. If you are inexperienced with programming, we recommend you begin by using the tools that do not require programming expertise. CADStat for, example, will allow you to conduct several types of statistical analyses using a menu-driven interface, and the Species Sensitivity Distribution (SSD) Generator provides detailed instructions and macros that may be used to generate an SSD. If you are familiar with the R statistical package, you may wish to use our more complex tools which require some knowledge of command-line statistical programming and provide more analytical flexibility.

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