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SIP Status and Information

Nonattainment Area & OTR SIP Requirements

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The planning required for nonattainment areas is part of the Air Quality Management (AQM) process. This process relates air quality to emissions data in order to determine the reductions and control measures needed to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The AQM approach translates measured air quality problems into a regulatory clean air plan, or State Implementation Plan (SIP). The SIPs include control measures that "clean the air" and meet the NAAQS level by the area's attainment date.

The Clean Air Act (CAA) sets out specific requirements for a group of northeast states that make up the Ozone Transport Region (OTR). States in this region are required to submit a SIP and install a certain level of controls for the pollutants that form ozone, even if they meet the ozone standards.

The CAA contains specific requirements governing requirements for nonattainment areas and for all areas included in the OTR. For certain requirements, EPA issues regulatory interpretations of required SIP elements in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 51. EPA has also issued guidance in the form of "General Preambles" and through policy documents that can be found on the EPA website.

Some of the general acronyms used to describe the required SIP elements include:

  • CTG - control technique guidelines
  • I/M - inspection and maintenance
  • NSR - new source review
  • PSD - prevention of significant deterioration
  • RACM - reasonably available control measures
  • RACT - reasonably available control technique
  • RFP - reasonable further progress
  • TCMs - transportation control measures
  • VMT - vehicle miles traveled

National and State SIP Status Reports for All Criteria Pollutants      Top of page

The National and State SIP Status Reports include information reported for CO (1971), Lead (1978), Lead (2008), NO2 (1971), 1-Hour Ozone (1979), 8-Hour Ozone (1997), 8-Hour Ozone (2008), PM10 (1987), PM25 (1997), PM25 (2006), PM25 (2012), SO2 (1971), and SO2 (2010).

State SIP status reports provide information about the status of a state's submittals, and EPA actions on the submittals, to meet the SIP requirements for each criteria pollutant. The State SIP status reports are composed of a state area-level report which is linked to the state's SIP requirement report. The 8-hour Ozone (1997) section of each area report includes areas designated nonattainment in addition to state requirements in the OTR.

To view the state SIP status reports: Click on the "State SIP status reports" link above and select a state. This will display a report of the state's nonattainment areas by pollutant, along with current area status information. The NAAQS pollutant links at the top of the page allow jumping to that pollutant's section of the page. Area names in the list are linked to that area's section of the state SIP requirement report (when applicable) containing that state's areas, and their SIP requirement deadlines and latest actions.

National SIP status reports provide information about the status of state submittals and EPA actions on the submittals by a single SIP requirement for all applicable states. The National Status Reports are SIP requirement-level reports.

To view the national SIP status reports: Click on the "National SIP status reports" link above and select a pollutant. On the next screen, select a SIP requirement for the pollutant. The national SIP status report lists each state and the designated area(s) where the selected SIP requirement is applicable, along with the SIP requirement deadlines and latest actions.

Federal Register Notice (FRN) citations in the national and state status reports, when available, are linked to electronic copies on the Government Printing Office (GPO) website.

The 8-Hour Ozone (2008) nonattainment areas that were designated nonattainment effective July 20, 2012 (77 FR 30088 and 77 FR 34221) are included in these reports. The SIP requirements for the 2008 Ozone nonattainment areas will be included in the reports when the Implementation rule is finalized. On June 6, 2013, the proposed SIP requirements for the 8-Hour Ozone (2008) NAAQS were published in the "Implementation of the 2008 National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone: State Implementation Plan Requirements" (78 FR 34178).

View the list of requirements for pollutants with multiple required SIP elements.

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