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SIP Status and Information

Infrastructure SIP Requirements

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The Clean Air Act requires states to submit state implementation plans (SIPs) that implement, maintain, and enforce a new or revised national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) within 3 years of EPA issuing the standard. These SIP revisions must address a number of basic requirements, including:

  • ambient air quality monitoring and data systems,
  • programs for enforcement of control measures,
  • adequate authority and resources to implement the plan.

Guidance on Development and Submission of Infrastructure State Implementation Plans for National Ambient Air Quality Standards

  • Fact Sheet (PDF) (2pp, 97k) - September 13, 2013
  • Guidance (PDF) (62pp, 553k) - September 13, 2013
National and State Infrastructure SIP Status Reports      Top of page

State Infrastructure SIP status reports provide information about the status of a state's submittals, and EPA actions on the submittals, to meet the SIP infrastructure requirements for each pollutant.

To view the state status reports: Click on the state infrastructure SIP status reports link and select a state. This will display a report of the state's infrastructure SIP requirements by pollutant, along with current requirement status information. Pollutant links at the top of the page allow jumping to that pollutant's section of the page.

National Infrastructure SIP status reports provide information about the status of state submittals and EPA actions on the submittals by infrastructure SIP requirement for all states.

To view the national status reports: Click on the national SIP infrastructure status reports link and select a pollutant. Next, select an infrastructure requirement for the pollutant. The national infrastructure SIP status report lists each state and the the selected SIP infrastructure requirement, along with the requirement deadlines and latest actions.

Federal Register Notice (FRN) citations in the national and state status reports, when available, are linked to electronic copies on the Government Printing Office (GPO) website.

View the required infrastructure requirements tracked for each state.

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