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Title V Operating Permits

The Proof is in the Permit

The Proof Is In The Permit
Cover (PDF - 155kb)
En Español

  • Part One (PDF - 325kb)
    • Preface and Table of Contents (comprising all pages through p. ix.
    • Introduction (pages x-xv)
    • Chapter One: Recognizing the Problem
    • Chapter Two: Preparing to Review a Permit
    • Chapter Three: Common Problems in a Draft Title V Permit
    • Chapter Four: Suggested Strategy for Reviewing a Title V Permit
      • Step One: Identify and Locate the Underlying Source for any Requirement Mentioned in the Permit Application or Draft Permit
      • Step Two: Review the Permit Application for Helpful Information
      • Step Three: Review the Statement of Basis
      • Step Four: Review General Conditions
      • Step Five: Check to See if Source-Specific Air Quality Requirements are Correctly Applied to the Facility
      • Step Six: Check to See Whether Any Federal Requirements are Incorrectly Identified as State-Only Requirements
    • Chapter Five: Submitting Comments on a Draft Title V Permit
    • Chapter Six: U.S. EPA Objection to a Title V Permit
  • Part Two: Special Topics (PDF - 107kb)
  • Part Three: Appendices

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