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Oil and Natural Gas Air Pollution Standards



July 8, 2016 - EPA has issued a voluntary Request for Information inviting all parties to provide information on innovative technologies to detect, measure and mitigate emissions from the oil and natural gas industry.
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May 12, 2016 – EPA issues a suite of final rules that together will help combat climate change, reduce air pollution that harms public health, and provide greater certainty about Clean Air Act permitting requirements for the oil and natural gas industry. Learn more

The agency also took the first step toward regulating methane emissions from existing oil and gas sources, issuing a draft Information Collection Request requiring companies to provide extensive information that will help EPA determine how to best reduce emissions from existing sources. Learn more

EPA regulations for the oil and natural gas industry help combat climate change and reduce air pollution that harms public health. EPA’s regulations apply to oil production, and the production, process, transmission and storage of natural gas.

Basic Information - Information about emissions and the oil and natural gas industry.

Regulatory Actions - Links to proposed and final rules, fact sheets, and other rulemaking documents.

Technical Information - Technical information about the air toxics standards under review.

Methane - Addressing greenhouse gases and smog forming VOCs from the oil and gas industry.

EPA's Natural Gas Star Program - A flexible, voluntary partnership that encourages oil and natural gas companies, both domestically and abroad, to adopt cost-effective technologies and practices that improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas and clean energy source.


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