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Sulfur Dioxide (1971) Nonattainment Area State/Area/County Report

Data is current as of May 31, 2024

  Hayden (Pinal County), AZ (Primary - Nonattainment)
Pinal County (P)
GUAM (Region IX)
  Piti, GU (Primary - Nonattainment)
Guam (P)
  Tanguisson, GU (Primary - Nonattainment)
Guam (P)
  Laurel Area (Yellowstone County), MT (Primary - Nonattainment)
Yellowstone County (P)
  Armstrong County: Madison, Mahoning, Boggs, Washington, Pine, PA (Primary - Nonattainment)
Armstrong County (P)
Madison Twp, Mahoning Twp, Boggs Twp, Washington Twp, Pine Twp
UTAH (Region VIII)
  Salt Lake County, UT (Primary, Secondary - Nonattainment)
Salt Lake County
  Tooele County, UT (Primary, Secondary - Nonattainment)
Tooele County (P)
Portions of Tooele County

(P) : A portion of the county is located within the area and is designated nonattainment.

This is not an official list of nonattainment areas. See the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR Part 81) and pertinent Federal Register notices for legal lists and boundaries.

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