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PM-10 (1987) Nonattainment Area State/Area/County Report

As of September 22, 2016
  Ajo (Pima County), AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Pima Co (P)
  Hayden, AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Gila Co (P)
Pinal Co (P)
  Miami, AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Gila Co (P)
  Nogales, AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Santa Cruz Co (P)
  Paul Spur/Douglas (Cochise County), AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Cochise Co (P)
  Phoenix, AZ (Serious - Nonattainment)
Maricopa Co (P)
Pinal Co (P)
  Rillito, AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Pima Co (P)
  West Pinal, AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Pinal Co (P)
  Yuma, AZ (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Yuma Co (P)
  Coachella Valley, CA (Serious - Nonattainment)
Riverside Co (P)
Coachella Valley planning area
  East Kern Co, CA (Serious - Nonattainment)
Kern Co (P)
  Imperial Valley, CA (Serious - Nonattainment)
Imperial Co (P)
Imperial Valley planning area
  Mono Basin, CA (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Mono Co (P)
Hydrologic Unit 1809010
  Owens Valley, CA (Serious - Nonattainment)
Inyo Co (P)
Owens Valley planning area Hydrologic Unit #18090103
  San Bernardino Co, CA (Moderate - Nonattainment)
San Bernardino Co (P)
  Trona, CA (Moderate - Nonattainment)
San Bernardino Co (P)
Searles Valley planning area Hydrologic Unit #18090205
IDAHO (Region X)
  Fort Hall Indian Reservation (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Bannock Co (P)
Power Co (P)
  Pinehurst, ID (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Shoshone Co (P)
City of Pinehurst
  Shoshone Co, ID (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Shoshone Co (P)
excluding Pinehurst
  Butte, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Silver Bow Co (P)
  Columbia Falls, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Flathead Co (P)
  Flathead County; Whitefish and vicinity, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Flathead Co (P)
  Kalispell, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Flathead Co (P)
  Lame Deer, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Rosebud Co (P)
  Libby, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Lincoln Co (P)
  Missoula, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Missoula Co (P)
  Polson, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Lake Co (P)
  Ronan, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Lake Co (P)
  Sanders County (part); Thompson Falls and vicinity, MT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Sanders Co (P)
  Anthony, NM (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Dona Ana Co (P)
NEW YORK (Region II)
  New York Co, NY (Moderate - Nonattainment)
New York Co
OREGON (Region X)
  Lane Co, OR (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Lane Co (P)
Oakridge (Urban Growth Boundary)
TEXAS (Region VI)
  El Paso Co, TX (Moderate - Nonattainment)
El Paso Co (P)
City of El Paso
UTAH (Region VIII)
  Ogden, UT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Weber Co (P)
City of Ogden
  Salt Lake Co, UT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Salt Lake Co
  Utah Co, UT (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Utah Co
  Sheridan, WY (Moderate - Nonattainment)
Sheridan Co (P)
City of Sheridan

(P) : A portion of the county is located within the area and is designated nonattainment.

This is not an official list of nonattainment areas. See the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR Part 81) and pertinent Federal Register notices for legal lists and boundaries.

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