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Green Book Nonattainment Areas

1-Hour Ozone (1979) Maintenance Area Summary - NAAQS Revoked

As of June 15, 2005

Classification Number of Areas Number of Counties 2000 Population
Severe (2005) 1 13 3,699
Serious 5 12 8,836
Moderate 22 74 26,033
Marginal 25 52 14,645
Other 1 5 1,522
SUBTOTAL 54 156 54,735
Section 185A 7 10 2,618
Incomplete Data 9 11 922
SUBTOTAL 16 21 3,540
GRAND TOTAL 70 177 58,275

County and area subtotals and grand totals may not equal sum of parts. Part counties are only counted one time within groupings, and only if the county is not in a previous nonattainment area for the NAAQS. So Kern Co is not counted, since it is in the East Kern Co previous maintenance area and in the San Joaquin Valley previous nonattainment area.

The Ohio portion of the Youngstown-Warren-Sharon OH-PA area is a previous maintenance area, while the Pennsylvania portion remains previous nonattainment. This report does not count the partially redesignated areas.

"Section 185A" was previously called "Transitional". The former 1-Hour Ozone designations and classifications as of June 15, 2004, are being retained in subpart C of Part 81 for purposes of the anti backsliding provisions of 40 CFR 51.905. 40 CFR 51.905(c) references subpart C of part 81 for the areas affected by the anti-backsliding regulation.

Two 1-Hour Ozone Maintenance Areas (that were previously nonattainment areas) became Early Action Compact (EAC) areas. As EAC areas, their maintenance plans no longer applied, and they are not listed in the “Previous Maintenance Areas No Longer Subject to the 1-Hour Standard” reports. The areas are: Greensboro Winston Salem High Point, NC (initially classified as a Moderate 1-Hour Ozone area), and Denver Boulder, CO (initially classified as a Section 185 1-Hour Ozone area).

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