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Lead (2008) Maintenance Area (Redesignated from Nonattainment) Partial County Descriptions

Data is current as of May 31, 2024
Detailed Description of Certain Area Boundaries for Partial Counties


Troy, AL

Pike County

Pike County (part): Area is bounded by a 0.8 mile radius from a center point at latitude 31.78627106 North and longitude 85.97862228 West, which fully includes the Sanders Lead Facility.


Tampa, FL

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County (part): Area is bounded by a 1.5 km radius centered at UTM coordinates 364104 meters, 3093830 meters N, Zone 17, which surrounds the EnviroFocus Technologies Facility.


Chicago, IL

Cook County

Cook County (part):

Area bounded by Damen Ave. on the west, Roosevelt Rd. on the north, the Dan Ryan Expressway on the east, and the Stevenson Expressway on the south.

Granite City, IL

Madison County

Madison County (part): Area is bounded by Granite City Township and Venice Township.


Muncie, IN

Delaware County

Delaware County (part): A portion of the City of Muncie, Indiana bounded to the North by West 26th Street/Hines Road, to the east by Cowan Road, to the south by West Fuson Road, and to West by a line running south from the eastern edge of Victory Temple's driveway to South Hoyt Avenue and then along South Hoyt Avenue.


Pottawattamie County, IA

Pottawattamie County

Pottawattamie County (part):

Area bounded by Avenue G on the north, N 16th/S 16th street on the east, 23rd Avenue on the south, and N 35th/S 35th street on the west.


Belding, MI

Ionia County

Ionia County (part):

Area bounded by the following coordinates: Southeast corner by latitude 43.0956705N and longitude 85.2130771 W; southwest corner (intersection of S. Broas St. and W. Washington St.) by latitude 43.0960358 N and longitude 85.2324027 W; northeast corner by latitude 43.1074942 N and longitude 85.2132313 W; western boundary 1 (intersection of W. Ellis St. and the vertical extension of S. Broas St.) by latitude 43.1033277 N and longitude 85.2322553 W; western boundary 2 (intersection of W. Ellis St. and N. Bridge St.) by latitude 43.1033911 N and longitude 85.2278464 W; western boundary 3 (intersection of N. Bridge St. and Earle St.) by latitude 43.1074479 N and longitude 85.2279722 W.


Bellefontaine, OH

Logan County

Logan County (part): The portions of Logan County that are bounded by: sections 27, 28, 33, and 34 of Lake Township.

Cleveland, OH

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County (part): The portions of Cuyahoga County that are bounded on the west by Washington Park Blvd./Crete Ave./East 49th St., on the east by East 71st St., on the north by Fleet Ave., and on the south by Grant Ave.

Delta, OH

Fulton County

Fulton County (part): The portions of Fulton County that are bounded by: sections 12 and 13 of York Township and sections 7 and 18 of Swan Creek Township.


Bristol, TN

Sullivan County

Sullivan County (part): Area is bounded by a 1.25 km radius surrounding the UTM coordinates 4042923 meters E, 386267 meters N, Zone 17, which surrounds the Exide Technologies Facility.


Frisco, TX

Collin County

Collin County (part): The area immediately surrounding the Exide Technologies battery recycling plant in Frisco, bounded to the north by latitude 33.153 North, to the east by longitude 96.822 West, to the south by latitude 33.131 North, and to the west by longitude 96.837 West.

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