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Lead (1978) Designated Area/State Information

Data is current as of June 30, 2024

Lead (1978) Notes

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Nonattainment 1 1 2,560  
Maintenance 12 11 2,202,314  
Nonattainment and Maintenance 13 12 2,204,874  
Collin County, TX TX Maintenance A N/A 1 782,353 06
Dakota County, MN MN Maintenance A N/A 1 318,833 05
Douglas County (part); Portion of city of Omaha, NE NE Maintenance A N/A 1 1,242 07
Fayette County, TN TN Maintenance A N/A 1 38,033 04
Iron County (part); Dent Township, MO MO Maintenance A N/A 1 1,194 07
Iron County (part); Liberty and Arcadia, MO MO Maintenance A N/A 1 6,066 07
Jefferson County (part); Herculaneum, MO MO Nonattainme A N/A 1 2,560 07
Jefferson County, AL AL Maintenance A N/A 1 658,472 04
Lewis & Clark County (part); City of East Helena and vicinity, MT MT Maintenance A N/A 1 2,669 08
Marion County; Franklin Township, IN IN Maintenance A N/A 1 18,158 05
Muscogee County, GA GA Maintenance A N/A 1 189,886 04
Shelby County, TN TN Maintenance A N/A 1 2,226 04
Williamson County, TN TN Maintenance A N/A 1 183,182 04

Lead (1978) Notes

County subtotals and grand totals may not equal sum of the counties. Part counties are only counted one time within groupings. Multi-state areas are counted only once in area totals, and are counted in maintenance totals when all states in the area have been redesignated.

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