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Lead (1978) Designated Areas by State/County/Area

Data is current as of April 30, 2022

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State  County  Area Name  Current Status  County NA
County FIPS
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ALABAMA Jefferson County Jefferson Co, AL Maintenance Part 658,472 01/073
GEORGIA Muscogee County Muscogee Co, GA Maintenance Part 189,886 13/215
INDIANA Marion County Marion Co, IN Maintenance Part 18,158 18/097
MINNESOTA Dakota County Dakota Co, MN Maintenance Part 318,833 27/037
MISSOURI Iron County Iron County (part); Dent Township, MO Maintenance Part 1,194 29/093
MISSOURI Iron County Iron County (part); Liberty and Arcadia, MO Maintenance Part 6,066 29/093
MISSOURI Jefferson County Jefferson County (part); Herculaneum, MO Nonattainment Part 2,560 29/099
MONTANA Lewis and Clark County East Helena Area (Lewis and Clark Co.), MT Maintenance Part 2,669 30/049
NEBRASKA Douglas County Douglas Co, NE Maintenance Part 1,242 31/055
TENNESSEE Fayette County Fayette Co, TN Maintenance Part 38,033 47/047
TENNESSEE Shelby County Shelby Co, TN Maintenance Part 2,226 47/157
TENNESSEE Williamson County Williamson Co, TN Maintenance Part 183,182 47/187
TEXAS Collin County Collin Co, TX Maintenance Part 782,353 48/085

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