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VOL. 59, No. 212
Rules and Regulations


40 CFR Parts 52 and 81
[KY-069-6105a; FRL-5089-4]

Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans and Designation of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes; Commonwealth of Kentucky

59 FR 55053

DATE: Thursday, November 3, 1994
ACTION: Direct final rule.

SUMMARY: On November 13, 1992, the Commonwealth of Kentucky through the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet (Cabinet), submitted a maintenance plan and a request to redesignate the Lexington, Owensboro, Paducah, and Edmonson County areas from nonattainment to attainment for ozone. The marginal nonattainment areas include the following counties: Lexington (Fayette and Scott), Owensboro (Daviess and a portion of Hancock), Paducah (Livingston and a portion of Marshall), and Edmonson County. Under the Clean Air Act, designations can be changed if sufficient data are available to warrant such changes and the redesignation request satisfies the criteria set forth in the Clean Air Act. In this action, EPA is approving the redesignation to attainment of the Owensboro and Edmonson County areas and the associated maintenance plans because they meet the maintenance plan and redesignation requirements. EPA will act on the request to redesignate to attainment the Lexington and Paducah areas in a future document. In this action, EPA is also approving the 1990 base year inventory for the Owensboro and Edmonson County marginal ozone nonattainment areas.

DATES: This final rule will be effective January 3, 1995 unless adverse or critical comments are received by December 5, 1994. If the effective date is delayed, timely notice will be published in the Federal Register.

ADDRESSES: Written comments on this action should be addressed to Scott Southwick, at the EPA Regional Office listed below. Copies of the documents relative to this action are available for public inspection during normal business hours at the following locations. The interested persons wanting to examine these documents should make an appointment with the appropriate office at least 24 hours before the visiting day.

Air and Radiation Docket and Information Center (Air Docket 6102), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M Street, SW., Washington, DC 20460.

Environmental Protection Agency, Region IV, Air Programs Branch, 345 Courtland Street NE., Atlanta, GA 30365.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet, Department for Environmental Protection, Division for Air Quality, 803 Schenkel Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Scott Southwick of the EPA Region IV Air Programs Branch at (404) 347-3555 extension 4207 and at the Region IV address.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On November 15, 1990, the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAA) were enacted. (Pub. L. 101-549, 104 Stat. 2399, codified at 42 U.S.C. 7401-7671q). Under section 107(d)(1), in conjunction with the Governor of Kentucky, EPA designated the Owensboro and Edmonson County areas as nonattainment because the areas violated the ozone standard during the period from 1987 through 1989 (See 56 FR 56694 (Nov. 6, 1991) and 57 FR 56762 (Nov. 30, 1992), codified at 40 CFR 81.318.)

The Owensboro and Edmonson County marginal ozone nonattainment areas (nonattainment areas) more recently have ambient monitoring data that show no violations of the ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), during the period from 1989 through 1991. In addition, there have been no violations reported for the 1992, 1993, or 1994 ozone seasons. Therefore, in an effort to comply with the amended CAA and to ensure continued attainment of the NAAQS, on November 13, 1992, the Cabinet submitted for parallel processing an ozone maintenance SIP for the nonattainment areas and requested redesignation of the nonattainment areas to attainment with respect to the ozone NAAQS and EPA found the request complete. On November 24, 1992, the Cabinet submitted the Marginal Ozone Nonattainment Areas Projection Inventory 1990-2004 as an amendment to the SIP. On January 15, 1993, the Cabinet submitted revisions addressing public comments on the request to redesignate the nonattainment areas to attainment. On July 16, 1993, February 28, 1994, and August 29, 1994, the Cabinet submitted revisions to the redesignation request, maintenance plan, and projection inventories.

On May 7, 1993, Region IV determined that the information received from the Cabinet constituted a complete redesignation request under the general completeness criteria of 40 CFR part 51, appendix V, sections 2.1 and 2.2. However, for purposes of determining what requirements are applicable for redesignation purposes, EPA believes it is necessary to identify when the Cabinet first submitted a redesignation request that meets the completeness criteria. EPA noted in a previous policy memorandum that parallel processing requests for submittals under the amended CAA, including redesignation submittals, would not be determined complete. See "State Implementation Plan (SIP) Actions Submitted in Response to Clean Air Act (Act) Deadlines," Memorandum from John Calcagni to Air Programs Division Directors, Regions I-X, dated October 28, 1992 (Memorandum). The rationale for this conclusion was that the parallel processing exception to the completeness criteria (40 CFR part 51, appendix V, section 2.3) was not intended to extend statutory due dates for mandatory submittals. (See Memorandum at 3-4). However, since requests for redesignation are not mandatory submittals under the CAA, EPA believed it appropriate to change its policy with respect to redesignation submittals to conform to the existing completeness criteria (58 FR 38108 (July 15, 1993)). Therefore, EPA believes, the parallel processing exception to the completeness criteria may be applied to redesignation request submittals, at least until such time as the EPA decides to revise that exception. The Cabinet submitted a redesignation request and a maintenance plan on November 13, 1992. When the maintenance plan became state effective on January 27, 1994, the Commonwealth of Kentucky no longer needed parallel processing for the redesignation request and maintenance plan.

The Kentucky redesignation request for the nonattainment areas meets the five requirements of section 107(d)(3)(E) for redesignation to attainment. The following is a brief description of how the Commonwealth of Kentucky has fulfilled each of these requirements. Because the maintenance plan is a critical element of the redesignation request, EPA will discuss its evaluation of the maintenance plan under its analysis of the redesignation request.

1. The Area Must Have Attained the Ozone NAAQS

The Cabinet's request is based on an analysis of quality assured ambient air quality monitoring data which is relevant to the maintenance plan and to the redesignation request. Ambient air quality monitoring data for calendar year 1989 through calendar year 1991 show an expected exceedance rate of less than 1.0 per year of the ozone NAAQS in the marginal nonattainment areas. (See 40 CFR 50.9 and appendix H.) In addition, there were no violations reported for the 1992, 1993, and 1994 ozone seasons. Because the nonattainment areas have complete quality- assured data showing no violations of the standard over the most recent consecutive three calendar year period, the areas have met the first statutory criterion of attainment of the ozone NAAQS. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has committed to continue monitoring in the nonattainment areas in accordance with 40 CFR 58.

2. The Area Has Met All Applicable Requirements Under Section 110, and Part D of the Act

On January 25, 1980, August 7, 1981, November 24, 1981, November 30, 1981, and March 30, 1983, EPA fully approved Kentucky's SIP as meeting the requirements of section 110(a)(2) and part D of the 1977 CAA (45 FR 6092, 46 FR 40188, 46 FR 57486, 46 FR 58080, and 48 FR 13168). The approved control strategy did not result in attainment of NAAQS for ozone. Additionally, the amended CAA revised section 182(a)(2)(A), 110(a)(2) and, under part D, revised section 172 and added new requirements for all nonattainment areas. Therefore, for purposes of redesignation, to meet the requirement that the SIP contain all applicable requirements under the CAA, EPA reviewed the Kentucky SIP to ensure that it contains all measures due under the amended CAA prior to or at the time the Commonwealth of Kentucky submitted its redesignation request.

A. Section 110 Requirements

Although section 110 was amended by the CAA of 1990, the Kentucky SIP for the marginal nonattainment areas meets the requirements of amended section 110(a)(2). A number of the requirements did not change in substance and, therefore, EPA believes that the pre-amendment SIP met these requirements. EPA has analyzed the SIP and determined that it is consistent with the requirements of amended section 110(a)(2).

B. Part D Requirements

Before the nonattainment areas may be redesignated to attainment, they must have fulfilled the applicable requirements of part D. Under part D, an area's classification indicates the requirements to which it will be subject. Subpart 1 of part D sets forth the basic nonattainment requirements applicable to all nonattainment areas, classified as well as nonclassifiable. Subpart 2 of part D establishes additional requirements for ozone nonattainment areas classified under table 1 of section 181(a). The Owensboro and Edmonson County nonattainment areas were classified as marginal (See 56 FR 56694, codified at 40 CFR 81.318). The Commonwealth of Kentucky submitted their request for redesignation of the marginal nonattainment areas prior to November 15, 1992. Therefore, in order to be redesignated to attainment, the Commonwealth of Kentucky must meet the applicable requirements of subpart 1 of part D, specifically sections 172(c) and 176, but is not required to meet the applicable requirements of subpart 2 of part D, which became due on or after November 15, 1992.

B1. Subpart 1 of Part D

Under section 172(b), the section 172(c) requirements are applicable as determined by the Administrator, but no later than three years after an area has been designated to nonattainment. EPA has not determined that these requirements were applicable to ozone nonattainment areas on or before November 13, 1992, the date that the Commonwealth of Kentucky submitted a complete redesignation request for the marginal nonattainment areas. Therefore, the Commonwealth of Kentucky was not required to meet these requirements for purposes of redesignation. The Owensboro and Edmonson County areas currently have a fully approvable New Source Review (NSR) program which was last revised on June 23, 1994 (59 FR 32343). Upon redesignation of these areas to attainment, the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) provisions contained in part C of title I are applicable. On January 25, 1978, September 1, 1989, November 6, 1989, November 13, 1989, November 28, 1989, February 7, 1990, and June 23, 1994, the EPA approved revisions to the Commonwealth of Kentucky's PSD program (43 FR 3360, 54 FR 36307, 54 FR 46613, 54 FR 47211, 54 FR 488887, 55 FR 4169 and 59 FR 32343).

Section 176(c) of the CAA requires states to revise their SIPs to establish criteria and procedures to ensure that Federal actions, before they are taken, conform to the air quality planning goals in the applicable state SIP. The requirement to determine conformity applies to transportation plans, programs and projects developed, funded or approved under title 23 U.S.C. or the Federal Transit Act ("transportation conformity"), as wel