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Previous Section 185A Areas with a Maintenance Plan Requirement Under Section 110(a)(1) of the CAA

Data is current as of June 15, 2005

Jacksonville, FL
Lafayette, LA
New Orleans, LA
Preble Co, OH
Yuba City, CA
The 1-Hour Ozone standard, as well as designations and classifications for all 1-Hour Ozone nonattainment and maintenance areas, have been revoked except for the Greensboro, NC, Nashville, TN, and Denver, CO maintenance areas.

"Section 185A" was previously called "Transitional". The former 1-Hour Ozone designations and classifications as of June 15, 2004, are being retained in subpart C of Part 81 for purposes of the anti backsliding provisions of 40 CFR 51.905. 40 CFR 51.905(c) references subpart C of part 81 for the areas affected by the anti-backsliding regulation. These classifications are either the nonattainment or maintenance classifications as of June 14, 2004.