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Emissions Standards for Boilers and Process Heaters and Commercial / Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators

Map of Major Source Boiler Locations

This map shows boilers that responded to EPA's 2008 request for information on facility operations and emissions to support the boiler air toxics standards.

The facilities asked to respond included those:

  • that submitted initial notification identifying themselves as being subject to EPA's 2004 boiler standards that were later vacated and remanded,
  • identified by states as being subject to that rule, and
  • classified as major sources in their Clean Air Act operating permit with a boiler or process heater on site.

The map reflects the best information EPA has at this time. EPA will update it as needed.

Some facilities on the map may have likely closed since the data was collected.

Some facilities that have opened since 2008 may not be shown.

Major source boilers not identified on this map would still be subject to any final emissions standards that apply to them.

Fossil fuel fired electric generating units larger than 25 megawatts are not shown on this map. They are exempt from the requirements of the boiler emissions standards but will be covered by the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants from Utilities currently under development.

Data File for Boiler Map (XLS, 450 KB)



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