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The AQI kids pages are designed to make children aware of air pollution and how it might affect their lives. Children are among the group of people who most often feel the impact of pollution because they often play outside during warm weather when the pollution levels can be the highest. Children see the AQI reported by the news media and want to know about it.

The K1 pages are meant for children at the kindergarten to first grade level. They show a butterfly character who moderates his activity as the "day color" changes from green to purple. The games reiterate this message: play actively on good air quality (green) days and slow down and play less actively on poorer air quality days (red and purple).

Please enjoy these web pages with your child and when he or she is ready, please move on the the AQI pages for older children. Read the information together and then play the chamelion games.

Please read ________________ for an explanation of the AQI, air quality and the health effects of air pollution. Please go to the publications page for other AQI information.

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