Interactive Ideas for AIRNOW AQIKids' Page

List of Games/Interactive Pieces for AQIKids Site

1) Flash Puzzle We can utilize the puzzle idea in any number of ways.
2) Interactive Map (not really a "game", but an idea to add interactivity to the Kid's Page. They could have to guess something about each state, or other geographic area.)
3) Growing Garden  Instead of "Help Mom" or "Find Kitty" it could be find the activity that's appropriate for a given level of the AQI.
4) Merfolk Choir  (Warning: Turn speakers down before going here. File loads with sound all the way up. The idea here is using sliders to see the effects of several behaviors together. This could apply to the AQI with a bit of thought.
5) AQMD Kids' Page
  See "Check Today's Smog Levels." Perhaps we could link to the AIRNOW maps, or a kids version of the animations.
7) Clifford (PBS)
8) Department of Energy  Ideas for the older kids from another Government site.
9) US EPA Asthma  Can we link to the "Meet Bronkie the Bronchiosaurus" Page... It's on asthma.
10)  Other ways to use puzzles. This one reinforces learning.
11) Design a Coin Color a Coin