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2017 Air Quality Awareness Week

Citizen Science

May 5, 2017

Be Air Aware

What’s that smell? Is my air clean? Is the air cleaner today than it was ten years ago?

Air Sensor Toolbox Graphic   Satisfy your curiosity. Become a citizen scientist.

EPA’s Air Sensor Toolbox puts new ways to measure air quality into the hands of citizen scientists. Find information on selecting and using low-cost, portable air sensor technology and learn to interpret results.

Check out minute-to-minute air quality data collected at your nearest Village Green Project site.

    Historically village greens were the heart of a town where citizens came together. The air monitors in this program fit well into a modern “village green” environment, such as a playground, city park, or running trail. The Village Green Project design minimizes the footprint of the system, avoids the need for outside electricity, and integrates the equipment into a bench or play structure.

The Village Green bench in Durham, NC is pictured above. Be sure to check out the newest Village Green station in the Houston, Texas area.

Be air aware. But don’t stop there!

Check out these resources to explore all aspects of our environment.

Citizen Science for Environmental Protection - Learn about EPA work in citizen science and find out about environmental citizen science projects.

CitizenScience.gov - Access a searchable catalog of federally supported citizen science projects, a toolkit to assist with designing and maintaining projects, and a gateway to a federal community of practice to share best practices. Exit Disclaimer

SciStarter – Search an extensive database of citizen science projects. Exit Disclaimer

Public Lab - Learn how to investigate environmental concerns using DIY technology. Exit Disclaimer

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