2018 Air Quality Awareness Week

On behalf of EPA and our AirNow partners -- the NOAA – National Weather Service , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the U.S. Department of State , we are pleased to announce that Air Quality Awareness Week 2018 will be April 30 – May 4 .

This year's theme is Air Quality Where You Are. Our goal is to promote events that increase air quality awareness and inspire people to take steps, no matter how large or small, to reduce their contribution to air pollution.

2018 Topics

  • Monday - AirNow – 20th Anniversary!
  • Tuesday - Health (May 1st is World Asthma Day)
  • Wednesday - Wildfires
  • Thursday - Citizen Science/Air Quality Sensors
  • Friday - International

We will release this year’s website on April 30, the beginning of AQAW.

We would love to help spread the word about your Air Quality Awareness Week programs and events. Please send information about your events to lee.debra@epa.gov as soon as you have it available, and we will post it on our 2018 events page. 2017 events. And don’t forget to tag @airnow in your social media posts! We’ll be using the hashtag #AQAW2018 this year . You also can post comments to the AirNow Facebook page to let everyone know how your events are going.

Feel free to give Debra Lee a call with any questions or comments at (919)541-0860, or email her at lee.debra@epa.gov

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