Travelers' Health

Don’t forget to check the Air Quality Index when you’re on vacation or travel.  No matter where you go, you can always access the AQI.

Get the daily AQI forecast for the city you’re visiting on the AirNow website, by signing up for free EnviroFlash email notifications, or by downloading the AirNow app for iPhones and Android phones – all available at

Find out about the overall air quality in an area before you visit.  AirCompare provides local air quality information to help you make informed, health-protective decisions about moving or vacationing.  This easy-to-use tool can tell you what time of year an area has the best air quality, and whether the air quality has improved .

AirCompare allows you to compare air quality between counties, based on specific health concerns or activity level. You can also use AirCompare to get the monthly average of unhealthy air quality days for up to 10 counties within one state or multiple states.

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